Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Buy Magnum 4D And Big Sweep 1+3D

I seldom buy lottery such as Magnum 4D or Big Sweep 1+3D because i think i am no luck. The second thing is even win the first prize also only get little money 2-3k, which is consider not worth for me.

When i back home today, my house owner told me that my car alarm went off on the morning, so she ask me whether want go to buy lottery. She said she won the lottery for last times when my car alarm went off. The funny thing is, she said yesterday morning the car alarm also went off but she didn’t buy the lottery last night , and today swap of my car number appear in magnum 4D result !

So since the alarm went off again , she is wondering whether wanted to buy the car number again. She told me about this thing but i not take it seriously, she got tease by me some more. Around 6.45pm, she suddenly shout on me and said she decide to buy the 24 swap number at Magnum4D and also Big sweep 1+3D. I said i can share with her but i dont know where can buy the lottery and tell her the lottery shop will close at 7pm, we already too late! But she insist and asked her son to bring me along to buy the lottery. I also start feel exciting because of her response, then I fetch up her son and go to buy the lottery with my motorbike. I remember we reach there at 6.57pm and the lottery shop is closing their gate ! I fatser ran into the shop…

Eventually we manage to buy the lucky lottery , 24 swap of my car number plate at Magnum4D and Big Sweep 1+3D. I just pray for it, because i also invested extra money on my own car number, 7128. Hahaha.


mr tan said...

At melaka taman merdeka .
我在早上[ 10am ]去拿钱,那个老女人{boy hair,第2电脑 }.. 好像我欠她,脸像爆青天 ,还会骂人,给我等很久。。。这不是第一次了,已有好几次了和这3年里。。。 不只我一个人中,我朋友也是这样説。原本中了4d很高心去拿钱,那知道是这样的战面。。

Penguin said...