Saturday, February 18, 2006

Studio Pay Get Hacked ?

The is a rumour said that payment processor Studio Pay which own by the longest auto surf company Studio Traffic has been hacked by the hacker. The hacker has post their “proof” which is the picture of our identity card, bank statement even the passport to several forum on the internet.

This make me more worry because our identity might be used for any illegal transaction or criminal offence activity. Now there is too many cases which identity used by others to get loan or buy property in this country, we might get informed by bank one day said that I am bankrupt due to big debt.

Source : nogold


caen said...

when studio pay will approve my money?i did't get any money since a joint studio traffic.please give my investment money as soon as possible

Han Shyong said...

Hmm.. I dont know about that, me also "invest" some into such autosurf and now get burned. So you better treat it as a experience.