Thursday, July 20, 2006

Lost & Recover Yahoo Password

Recently this site moved to new domain - I decided this because I lost my Yahoo ID last few weeks and the previous domain was under my Yahoo account, so indirectly I lost the control of the domain when I lost my Yahoo ID password.

This happens when some body login to my yahoo and change my password. I try to recover my password but I failed because I can’t provide personal info that I enter at the time I registered yahoo account during 1998.

Anyway, I though since I bought the previous domain from yahoo small business, yahoo should have my credit card info and also my details, then I maybe can do some phone verification with credit card or payment info. So I try my best with write email to Yahoo, I even called US with phone to ask for help but Yahoo only reply me with the "copy and paste" answer which is "we cant do anything without the personal info verification".

At this stage I really disappointed and eventually give up getting back my yahoo id and domain. Nothing I can do without the collaborations from Yahoo site. So the only choice is move everything to new domain -

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