Friday, August 28, 2009

Buy House Guide

Try to summarize a guide for buying a completed property.

1. Search for a property and research about it.

2. Everything ok and decided to buy, go to bank and check loan amount that you can get. Then prepare deposit, agent normally will request 2%(some request more) of the property price as deposit. If deal with property owner then you can discuss about the deposit, 500, 1000 or any amount which is agreed by both side.

3. Pay deposit and find a lawyer to represent you ( you can find your own lawyer or use agent recommended lawyer) and prepare the snp ( sales purchase agreement)

4. Take the letter of purchase / resit with all your finance document go to bank apply for the loan, either term loan or flexi loan which you think better.

5. Sign the snp. ( Normally sign within 14-21 days after you pay the deposit).

to be continue ...

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