Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Google Webtool Kit (GWT)

Java Script, a powerful script for dynamic web application development. Basically, i don't like to use java script for websites development because the process is tedious and error-prone process, developers can spend 90% of their time working around for those non productive errors.

But now with Google Webtool Kit (GWT), i can write any impressed dynamic websites easily. You might wonder what so nice about GWT ? Well, it just allowed me to write all the dynamic website user interface in java programming language, and the compiler will help me to compile into optimized java script !

Hu hu la ! I no need face java script any more, that is the main reason that i so impressed with GWT, further more i can easily write AJAX components if needed, thanks to Google and really appreciate for this technology.

Get Google Webtool Kit here

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