Saturday, February 28, 2009

P1 WIMAX Broadband Experience

Recently I subscribe to P1 WIMAX Broadband RM 99 package, but end out I found out the performance is not that good within my house area, maybe my house still not under coverage?

First and second day after subscribe, I feel the connection quite stable, but for 3rd day start on, my connection totally not stable at all, keep disconnect every 10-15 minutes, everyday cannot online for at least 3 hours, which is 6-9pm, its keeps "red alert" on the p1 device.

Some time when internet connection is up, I still face difficulty to do my work, end up I found I got incredible 1MB downlink but only 30k uplink!

But that make no sense to me, I cannot send out anything without uplink, my email cant sent out, unable to do any attachment, even msn also cannot send message, that made me totally cannot work, I only can browse some websites, maybe I should use it for downloading, the super fast downlink really can let us downloaded a movie within couples of minutes.

I suspect my house still not under coverage even some reseller or customer support officer claim the area already covered. No matter how, i will try for another few days, if the situation not getting better, i will return it at this moment and subscribe it again in the future.

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