Sunday, November 2, 2008

Jobs at New Zealand during working holiday

November of 2008, I work at Asburton Talley Frozen Food Company,
this company is one of New Zealand's leading producers of quality frozen foods -
vegetables, fish, seafood and ice cream.

So what my job did? I everyday repair broken pallet and build bins,
which use to pack potato chips or some others frozen food.
There are lots of broken pallets, need to repair for use.
The bins are four pieces of the wood and use the pallet as the base.

Working hours is 6am until 4pm. Monday to Friday, Saturday half day.

This is my 4th job at New Zealand during working holiday.

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Unknown said...

Hello there, it might be a lil bit too late to ask about this in 2015, but we would still trying our luck to hope for some feedback from you. We have currently employed to take on this position, and the supervisor told us our duty is to build bins for the stocks. As we were told that this is outdoor works and requires lot of physical works, will it be too tough for a girl to handle? Hope to hear from in shortly, as we are going to commence works on coming Monday. Cheers =)

Anonymous said...

Wow, this really some old stories for me.
Ok, from my experiences, actually it still OK for girls to handle, provided you guys got partners . ( mean 2 people in a group, coz the bin and pallet is big , it is good if carry by 2 peoples).
Seconds, this is outdoor job, if you think you can stand under the sun, then should be ok.
Last, most of the time my tool is just hammer, so if you think you can use hammer well, then should be ok.

Hope this help.

Unknown said...

Hi there, we are astonished to have your reply as this post was 8 years old. Appreciate your kind response, and yes it helps.

Cheers =)