Monday, May 8, 2006

Wait For Hybrid Car ?

Recently the petrol price keep on increase, it increase more than 60% since 2000. but most of my friend still prefer to buy car due to failure of our public transport.

Then question come into my mind. Should we wait for hybrid car since it is more competitive as environment friendly and petrol saving? Even though the hybrid car might not be so cost effective if compare with traditional automobile at this moment, but one day later, the petrol price will keep on increase and that time hybrid car can help to reduce cost of petrol.

At our country, car price is not cheap as other country, peoples need to take up to 9 year liabilities to buy a car. So what if unpredictable petrol price up > 100% again in next 4-5 years ? Car owners will get suffer for paying the cost for petrol and also the car installment. Alternatively, with the hybrid car, we probably can save a lot if the petrol price increase, such as toyota hybrid, honda accord hybrid, but the car price still very expensive and not economic effecient enough at this moment. So which is the best?

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