Monday, April 3, 2006

Voodoo Cursing Doll (巫毒娃娃)

The dolls, which were imported from Thailand, they are made from a single string of hemp and they are said to be able to help people put curses on their enemies, or bring luck to themselves and friends.

Voodoo is a religion practiced primarily in Caribbean countries, especially Haiti. It is based on a mixture of Roman Catholic ritual elements and the magic of Dahomean slaves.

The dolls have been a hit with young people in the city, the doll has a heart made out of red cloth attached to its chest by two needles and a screw through its skull. The entire set includes 56 dolls, each of which has its own secret force. For those who don't have enemies to curse, some of the dolls can bring love or blessings.

Some girl bought a blessing doll that is supposed to help its owner lose weight. No people can guarantee the effects of voodoo dolls but if they believe in it, it will surely bring some changes to their life. The dolls could be regarded as a new way to relieve the stress of city life, but it is a negative way to deal with stress and not recommended.

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